Camp Infrastructure

MFC Concepts can provide total camp infrastructure solutions using containers and modular structures, enabling scalability to any size. Fitted with heat, smoke, and fire safety systems, and built to any specification to withstand extremely harsh weather, whether it be summer heat in the Middle East and Africa, or sub-zero winter temperatures in the Arctic.

The flexibility of our container and modular designs means they are durable, hardwearing, and long-lasting, so you can expand in all directions like Lego. They are plug and play which also allows you to relocate or reposition with speed.
Camp infrastructure must include all support services to keep everyone well supplied with the tools and working spaces for an optimum working environment. This includes restaurants, canteens, kitchens, ablution areas, F&B kiosks, pantries, security rooms, cafes, to name a few. All of which are easily created from containers. Whether it be interconnecting structures, double stacked, modified units to specific specifications or strengthen units for blast protection, MFC Concepts can meet all requests.

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