Inspection & Certification

Whether a container is used offshore or for international transport, regulations and certifications exist to help ensure that it is fit-for-purpose. MFC Concepts provide reliable and respected certification services through its dedicated team of professionals.

The offshore sector has some of the world’s most stringent quality and safety standards. We have the specialized skills to meet the sector’s demand.

Convention for Safe Containers (CSC)

Since the 1960s, shipping containers have played an integral part in the international supply chain. In the early 1970s the United Nations, together with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), adopted the International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) to maintain high levels of safety and transport/handling suitability.

This resulted in the need for a valid safety approval plate (typically attached on the exterior of the left container door) to be fitted on every shipping container used for international transport.
MFC Concepts team is fully qualified to provide CSC inspection and validation.

Load test

MFC Concepts conducts provides load tests to ensure containers meet their build specifications. This involves raising the container that has been laden with the test weight via the padeyes/lift points. The load test is conducted under the supervision and once completed, the container will be certified.

DNV 2.7-1
In 1989, DNV published its first 2.7-1 standards for offshore containers (incorporating European Standard EN 12079). The certification standards were revised in 1995, 2006, and most recently in 2013, with the recent version superseding all previous. 
Offshore containers are designed specifically for dynamic lifting using padeyes with certified DNV-certified lifting sling equipped with shackles. DNV conducts various inspections throughout the stages, from design, procurement, production to testing. Solid steel is used throughout the construction, including for the floor. As a result, DNV 2.7-1 containers are about twice as heavy as a usual container.

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