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Why a Container ?

The possibilities are limitless – from a one-person accommodation to highly specialized offshore containers built to stringent DNV regulations and a retail shopping hub like BOX Park Dubai – MFC’s in-house designers and engineers can create structures tailored to meet your needs. We can work with businesses, government bodies and individuals to design and fabricate racing pavilions, modular power distribution solutions (e-houses), restaurants, sub-sea modules, hospitals, medical centers, disaster relief shelters, hotels, accommodation units and office complexes, offering a quick, inexpensive and modern option to the traditional approach towards construction.

  • *50% shorter construction time and faster return on investment.
  • *30% cost savings compared to traditional bricks & mortar construction.
  • Corten Steel of containers can generate good income post project.
  • High salvage value i.e. project can be sold off after use to generate additional income after project life.
  • Remote QA/QC process within a controlled production environment
  • Major works happen offsite reducing noise, accidents, and disturbances to surroundings.
  • Delivered directly to preprepared foundations.
  • Greenfield solution using shallow foundations.
  • Flexibility for project expansion and reduction as per demand


Apart from the above-mentioned benefits the environmental impact of containers compared to traditional construction is much lower, due to the recycling capability and low demand for additional non-recyclable materials used in standard construction. The steel used in containers is specifically made to withstand harsh sea conditions and all temperatures, making it an ideal eco-friendly solution for construction. To The Corten steel used in containers is specifically designed to withstand harsh weather conditions in the sea making it an ideal eco-friendly solution for construction on the land.


Our Major Products Include: 

  • Container conversions and prefabricated buildings
  • Accommodation and offices
  • Exhibition stands and kiosks
  • Machinery rooms
  • Prayer rooms
  • Generator rooms
  • Control buildings
  • Mall and retail shops
  • Racing pavilions
  • Metering skids and sheds
  • Medical clinics
  • Kitchens and pantries
  • Laundry rooms
  • Ablution units
  • Substations
  • Clubs and resorts
  • Hospitals
  • Water treatment plants
  • Disaster relief shelters
  • DNV offshore units
  • Accommodation
  • Offices
  • Diving chambers
  • Stores
  • Workshops
  • Reefers
  • Cargo baskets
  • Water treatment plants

Structures can be shipped anywhere across the globe using our in-house logistics capabilities and transported to the site for installation. To Our parent company Modern Freight Company specializes in delivering all our container projects to any remote location globally.


- *Depending upon effective project management.