MFC launches event solutions service
Posted on January 03, 2022

Modern Freight Company (MFC) has launched MFC Extreme - Sports & Event Solutions, a specialised division in the MFC Group, offering event logistics and modular solutions for events across the Middle East and internationally.

Established in 1977, MFC is one of the UAE’s early pioneers in providing end-to-end logistics solutions for the event industry and has handled hundreds of events over the years.

Laurance Langdon, MFC Group’s General Manager, introduces further: “Many events have been postponed or cancelled amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As the events begin to return to the calendar, the timing is right to augment our sports and event solutions to meet the growing demand from clients who need expertise and experience in this niche sector.


MFC Extreme further enhances the company’s bespoke solutions, providing unique event modular solutions, ideal for event retail, hospitality and media requirements, using the company’s fabrication division, MFC Concepts. Through an exclusive regional manufacturing partnership with Continest, an innovative foldable container solution born in Hungary, MFC Concepts manufactures and supplies these containers to help reduce the events’ carbon footprint through reduced transportation, with 10 x 20ft containers being loaded per truck. Each container take minutes to setup, and can be stored on-site with minimal space requirements.


MFC Extreme unique advantage

With sustainability being important for many event hosts, MFC has brought together logistics and on-site solutions which fit perfectly with the events looking to prove they are ‘green’. 

To know more visit: MFC Extreme