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MFC Concepts is the preferred choice for Lines and NVOCCs alike – and for good reason:


Situated within 5kms of Dubai’s main port (Jebel Ali), our depot is conveniently located for shippers, consignees and transporters to collect and deliver, without incurring additional costs.


MFC Concepts’ depot is outside the free-zone.  This means less paperwork, making interactions faster, simpler and more cost-effective.


Located on a 30,000m2 dedicated plot, MFC Concepts’ depot can store up to 7,000 TEUs. It is fully supported by a range of handling equipment and professional, licensed operators.


MFC Concepts’ depot is secured with a two-phase security entry system and is being manned 24/7.


MFC Concepts’ own proprietary software gives our Customers and Principals a high degree of flexibility, immediate access to information whenever and wherever it’s needed.


A highly skilled team operating from market-leading facilities ensure your containers are handled expertly and professionally.  We handle all types of container-based equipment including Dry Vans, Reefers, Open Tops and Flat Racks.

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