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How to Create a Bespoke Box?

Steps to create your first Bespoke Box

MFC Concepts has put together this short guide to help you make an informed purchasing decision.  For further clarifications or additional information, just get in touch – we’re only a call away.


Think function.

What is it that you want your Bespoke Box to do?  Where will it be used (will it be moved)? How many people (if any) will be inside it and what will they be doing?

Maersk Racing Pavillion, Bespoke Box morning photo
20 ft standard container with floor area and tare weight

Do you know what size you want or need?

This may be determined by where the Bespoke Box will be placed or to fit some other requirement (such as your desire to see your creation made within a certain size).

*For more information on container types and sizes check out our guide on ‘How to buy a container’


Does something similar already exist?

Let us know what it is – share a weblink or send us a picture

Nike bespoke box at the Box Park, morning photo
Lay out sketch of Bespoke box. How to create your Bespoke Box?

If you have a layout in mind, sketch it out.

A basic line drawing with notes can be useful in communicating your vision. Nothing will be made until professional draftsmen and engineers have added their input, so don’t worry about achieving scale designs or technical blueprints


Are you trying to achieve a specific look or a particular feel?

Create a mood board (a collection of images you’ve found that represent what you are thinking) and share it with us

Moodboard template when creating your Bespoke box
High-end car compared to the cost and the quality of your Bespoke Box

Consider costs.

High-end finishing and fitouts cost more. Do you have a budget in mind? Let us know what it is, and we should be able to tell you early on if it’s realistic or not


Do you have a timeframe and/or deadline?

Let us know your time frame or deadline for delivery of the bespoke box

Target or deadline, Expo 2020 Dubai UAE
Customer service speaking with the customer

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to speak to the experts (us!)

If you have questions or clarifications we can help. We work on numerous individual projects each year with many customers that have little or no prior knowledge of such projects

Do you have any questions?
Get in touch with our expert team - we're more than happy to help.